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  • Wastewater Treatment and Reuse of Wanhua Chemical

    McWONG successfully bided for the project of Wanhua co., LTD., the old factory relocation isocyanate wastewater and water reuse device integration. The project was contracted through EPC by McWONG and the total inward investment was 160 million.

  • Refractory Wastewater Treatment

    The PTMEG project was invested by Lutianhua Chemical Company. The designed capacity of wastewater treatment plant is 2880m3/d. The sources of 1200m3/d high-concentration wastewater include Methanol unit, Hydrogen unit, Methane-to-Acetylene unit, Formaldehyde unit, and BDO unit. Others: 1680m3/d wastewater comes from plant sewage, initial storm water in contaminated areas, emergency wastewater, and fire protection wastewater.

  • Refinery Wastewater Treatment

    The project is owned by the China Petrochemical Corporation. The wastewater produced from the oil refining processes are be collected in an equalization tank with oil collecting devices at the top of the tank; then a screw pump will pump the wastewater into an oil/water separator, the oil flows through the lipophilic cross-flow media to be collected.

  • Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment

    This wastewater treatment system for this large endeavor consists of a pretreatment system of the 900,000 tons/year of oil wastewater from the production lines, floor washing, contaminated runoff and etc.

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