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Soil and groundwater remediation / APT Water

Release Time:2018-06-07

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HiPOx, PulseOx, and ARoNite technologies come from APT Water, a wholly-owned subsidiary of McWong Environment. They use advanced oxidation and advanced reduction technologies to perform efficient and low-cost in-situ, ex-situ groundwater / soil remediation for organic pollutants. Since the technology research and development in 2002, it has more than 200 implementation sites around the world, and repairs many pollutants such as fuels, oxygenators, chlorinated solvents, fragrances, pesticides and other substances contained in groundwater / soil.

(1) HiPOx--High-efficiency advanced oxidation technology for water treatment
It can decompose and remove difficult-to-degrade trace organics, drugs and PPCPs, and disinfection applications in industrial water, soil remediation, municipal water treatment and other industries. It can control bromide and further reduce COD.

(2) PulseOx--Advanced oxidation technology for in-situ remediation
In-situ remediation of contaminated sites such as fuel oil, solvents, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

(3) ARo-Nite--Membrane Bioreducer
Bioreactor for autotrophic biodegradation of nitrate with hydrogen H2 as raw material and electron donor. Used in drinking water treatment / sewage treatment and soil remediation.

On June 22, 2018, it passed the successful operation and related tests of the first commercial drinking water treatment project in the Crescenta Valley Water District of Southern California. APT Water's bioreducing membrane technology, ARoNite, is officially certified by NSF International.

As the supplier of soil remediation technology, McWong will select the most economical and practical remediation technology based on your site's soil type, type of pollutants, degree of pollution, economics, etc.

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